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This site provides links to publications by Philip Siddons.

Currently, these are the pathways to the Amazon Kindle Publications:

The Four Most Important Things

The Four Most Important Things is what you want your children or grandchildren to know so that they will find happiness and integrity in their lives. In the simplest form, it conveys the core values in ways kids can understand.
As characters have various experiences, Mount dispenses the appropriate insight to help improve their lives .
These four stories delight children two through 92. Some sophisticated HR departments might even adopt them as corporate best practices. (1,987 words, 48 pages)

The “After Their Bedtime” concluding section is an explanation of the thinking behind the four children’s stories. (2,931 words, 14 pages)
The Twp Gifts.jpg

The Two Gifts

A feminist medieval tale about the choices in using power in relationships in order to bring about equality in intimate relationships.



Jesus, Feminism & You

To help clarify the issues, Philip Siddons examines the biblical passages referring to women's status in society and the church as they relate to the whole of Scripture. Siddons traces the changing attitudes toward women through the first-century Jewish culture and the greatly changed early Christian church in the Hellenistic culture. He shows how Jesus and the church modeled a new equality and how the Spirit of God was moving people in a new direction – especially with regard to the status of women. Jesus, Feminism & You calls all who align their spiritual pilgrimage with the teachings and person of Christ to reexamine the example of Jesus who saw women as human beings with equal responsibility with men in personal growth and ministry. For everyone seeking to understand the emergence of women as equal partners in the home, society and in the church, this book sheds new light on what Jesus meant when he proclaimed the purpose of his mission "to set free those who are downtrodden." A very interesting group study with questions for each chapter.

Because Jesus dared to see women as human beings having equal rights with men, he can rightly be called a feminist. I define "feminist" as one who believes and acts in accordance with the presupposition that women should have rights equal to men in all aspects of life. While women's rights was not an issue in the Gospels, what emerges from the writings is a Jesus, in considerable contrast to what we know of first-century Palestinian Judaism, was an individual who could be described by the contemporary term "feminist."


About The Author

Philip Siddons was a literature major at Wheaton College. He received his MDiv (at Gordon-Conwell) and DMin degree (at Colgate-Rochester) where he focused most of his attention on new testament and feminist studies. His first book was Speaking Out For Women (Judson Press, 1980) but of course he developed enough sense to change the title, after it went out of print, and renamed it to Jesus, Feminism & You. This site at is where you’ll find his numerous short works of fiction, lectures and other attempts to make sense of life.

Philip dabbled in serving as a minister for 15 years but migrated to using his communication skills in marketing, advertising and computerized publishing and technology. Along the way, he tried to respond to the people he served, whether they were technology-paying customers, readers or parishioners. He thinks any life work requires the same sensitivity and commitment to create a meaningful presence with others.

The best way to reach Philip is email. Try You’ll probably find a kindred spirit there.