Unable to view an Adobe PDF file in your Microsoft Internet Explorer browser?


Try making these changes from your desktop.


1.      Right Click on the Internet Explorer (the big blue E) on your desktop.

2.      From the quick menu, choose Properties.

3.      Click on the Security tab.

4.      Click on the Custom Level Button.

5.      In Internet Explorer 5, there are 5 groupings about ActiveX controls. In each of them, click on the radio button next to “Enable” (so that they are, in fact, enabled).

6.      When  done, click on the OK button (in the Security Settings dialogue box).

7.      This brings you back to the Security tab so click on the OK button again to preserve these setting changes in your Internet Properties dialogue box.


You will be able to view Adobe PDF files on a web page.


If you continue to have difficulties or if you use Netscape Navigator as a browser, consult this page from Adobe: