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Excellent Online Keyboarding Educational Experience

This resources was fouind for us by Alexa, a student on Kathy Turner's STEM Junior's Class.

Check out the excellent speed tests and the games in this program

Excelerate Your Keyboard Skills

Computer Class Typing Link Improve Typing
Lessons On Familiarity With The Mouse Mouse Exercises

Here are some aids we have accumulated. Most topics are presented in Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat formats. When Word versions are not provided, it is because the files were too large because of the screen shots. We hope they may help you in your work.

Video file conversions - a "must have" tool if you are shooting and sharing videos Word Acrobat
Backup your computer's drivers before you have to reformat your drive and lose them all. Free tool.   Acrobat
Export settings in QuickTime for Uploading to YouTube Word Acrobat
Outstanding Online Tools for Business Use Word Acrobat
Posting a screen capture from Snagit to Evernote Word Acrobat
How to erase a video from your site Word Acrobat
Creating an Outlook Signature for Email (video) Word Acrobat
iPhone Features To Try Word Acrobat
Creating Automatic Online Web Page Forms Word Acrobat
Creating & Maintaining Excel Lists for Data & Mail Merges
Word Acrobat
Accepting Contributions And Payments Online from your Website   Acrobat
How to get a free Email certificate Word Acrobat
Assigning an Email Certificate in 2007 Word Acrobat
Marking an Email Certificate as "Trustworthy" Word Acrobat
Protection from the Internet Word Acrobat
Backing Up To the Future: How to back up your essential files at work (on a network) or at home Word Acrobat
Leaving Nicely But Keeping Your Connections In Line Word Acrobat
Creating a restore point to bring your computer back to normal after a ruinous software installation
How to get your own free Internet Email Account Word Acrobat
Confused about the choices involved in the new Windows Vista operating system? In this one document, they're all described with a single comparison chart (from Microsoft's multiple website pages). Word Acrobat
Changing Your Mouse to Left-Handed Word Acrobat
Copying & Moving Files & Folders Word Acrobat
Copying Files from Diskette to Hard Drive Word Acrobat
Creating Password-Protected Screensavers Word Acrobat
Creating A Table in MS Access Word Acrobat
Creating Outlook Email Distribution Lists Word Acrobat
Database Software   Acrobat
Folder & File-Naming Conventions Word Acrobat
Linking Text Boxes in Word Word Acrobat
Mail Merge Tool Bar in Word 2003 Word Acrobat
Merging Data and Labels   Acrobat
Merging Data for Letters Plus   Acrobat
Serching for a File or Folder Word Acrobat
Preparing A PowerPoint Presentaiton Word Acrobat
The Internet – Another Renaissance   Acrobat
Tips on Word Tables Word Acrobat
Virus Protection Word Acrobat
Ways To Select Text Word Acrobat
What Computer To Buy   Acrobat
Windows Folder & File Management Word Acrobat
Word Watermarks Workaround Word Acrobat
Working With Folders Word Acrobat
XP Firewall Configuration Word Acrobat
Must-Do Protections for the Internet Word Acrobat
Inserting Clip Art in Word 2007 Video  
How to add a printer to your list of printers if you are on a network Video