Receiving Useless Catalogues?

In our apartment complex, here in Los Angeles, the US Mail delivery person uses an industrial pile-driver to get our mail jammed into our mailboxes. This, of course, is extremely efficient because any junk mail that comes in our direction can be efficiently inserted in our mailbox.

I’m not sure how they get the apparatus in proximity to our condo mailbox area but it apparently works.

This mail delivery methodology, however, makes it difficult to get our mail out of our mailbox. Neighboring tenants would try to retrieve their mail before work, straining with their feet against the wall while pulling, with all their might, to get their wads of mail.

It’s good cardiovascular exercise but there is some risk to it. It also steers us toward unproductive emotional states if we are wearing less-than-sensible shoes in our striving to meet the LA fashion bar for our climb up the career ladder. This is true, no matter how many meditation and self-fulfillment CDs we play on our way to work. It is also why people angrily honk their car horn more in LA. It’s because they tried to get their mail before they got into their cars to go to work.

There are so many magazines pulverized into our mailboxes that to retrieve our mail, we all chipped in and hired a local Emergency Medical Technician to use “The Jaws of Life” to retrieve our mail. You know, those giant cable cutters that you see in movies, used by (unjustly incarcerated) prisoners to cut through razor wire fences to escape.

The guy we hire uses the giant extractors to pry out our shredded magazines piece by piece.

Our neighbor and friend Elizabeth told us about an alternative to getting so many unwanted magazines jammed into our mailbox. It is:

Once you create an account and verify your email, sign in and do a search of the name of the catalogue company. Click on the name of the magazine you do not want. The tool will ask you to create a mailing name and address that is on the label of the magazine you received. While your address name varies because of titles or different uses of initials, for each magazine, you input how they input your mailing information on the label.

Obviously, sooner or later, you’ll won’t have to create new name versions. Most of these magazines and direct mailers buy your information from the same sources.

You next type in your customer number (or Code) and also your “Key Code” (if those numbers appear on your label.) You don’t have to have every bit of information but just input what appears on that particular label. If you have more than one mailing address, you can add the additional one(s). For any of this address label information, you can just add alternatives to match various information appearing on the labels. In the future, any information you have added to your account will appear as options in dropdown choices for each field. In time, the more labels you input (to eliminate unwanted mailings), the less typing you have to do for each label. The same goes for other members of your household who get unwanted catalogues.

In our household, there are two of us but we have about six or more name combinations because of the varying forms of names, titles and initials that have appeared on the mailing labels. You can even tell bulk mailers to stop delivering magazines for people who used to live in your living space.

When you have completed tying the information on the received mailing label, click on the “Confirm” button (at the bottom of the page) and in about 5 seconds, it gives you a “Success” indication that the magazine has been advised to remove you from their mailing list.

In my last visit to the website, I eliminated 10 magazines in just a few minutes. is a non-profit organization and lets you use their service for free. You can contribute to it using their donation button. Check it out. Save the Postal Service person from having to drive their big pile driver stuffing rig to your mailbox to deliver your mail. Best of all, you can dress for success as if today you’ll be discovered by a Hollywood Talent Agent. You’ll even be able to check your mail on the way.

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